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Maybe... by Zienkyer Maybe... by Zienkyer
This is what happens when I attempt to do actual art and experiment xD;; There's even a little fanfic backstory to this picture.

Edit: I finally got around to playing with shadows and such, and personally I think it makes it look so much better...

This is in no way canon. Just random thoughts I had due to recent updates. You should be familiar with Romantically Apocalyptic for it to make more sense. Navigator is my fan character.


Snippy sighed, wishing he could rub his headache away, but with his gear on, the motion would be pointless. The tourists were particularly annoying that day, but he couldn't rightly tell them to shut up, unless they were actually in danger. Still, it was better than being in the city, around the ANNET transmitter towers.

The tourists chattered excitedly as they spotted more mutated wildlife, jotting down information and asking him questions. But he paused, as the creature turned to face them. It was something new... something large, and apparently something very hungry. "Everyone, back in the ATV!" Though his order was sharp and clear, the tourists looked at Snippy as though he had spoken in a foreign language. Only when the beast began to bound towards them, did the people seem to understand, panic guiding them to the safety of the vehicle.

Charles risked a glance over his shoulder, to see the mutant closing fast. Part of him expected the vicious claws to rip into him at any second, but the roar of a motor caught his attention. Seconds later, there was gunfire, causing the creature to stumble in it's stride, direction thrown off and momentum causing it to tumble past the tour guide. Behind him, the jeep screeched to a halt, two of the lightly armored occupants jumping out and approaching their target. The other two stayed back, the driver ready to go, and the gunman with weapon raised.

In front of them, the beast growled and hissed, leaping towards one of its attackers. They twisted, slashing upwards with a machete while dodging the claws, catching it in the side and rolling out of the way. The other raised a rifle, catching their prey in the skull with a volley of bullets as it spun to attack them. With that, it fell to the ground, defeated.

"You okay, Navi?"

"Fine! It didn't get me."

"Well, you're bleeding."

"Eh? Oh, maybe it did, haha..." Blood was seeping through the wounded soldier's coat, but Snippy's attention was forced away as he was addressed.

"You there, tour guide. We will escort you to the next outpost, there are more of those things around here." Mutely, he could only nod, getting back into the ATV while the hunters climbed into the jeep. The tourists were unhappy about being rushed along, but they were able to witness another battle between the soldiers and a mutant, which seemed to make up for it.

At the outpost, they were given a break, allowed to remove their goggles and gas masks. Food was there, as were restrooms. The hunters pulled off their outer layer of armor, keeping to themselves, the one they had called Navi getting patched up with a first aid kit. He knew the stories about them - soldiers that practically lived in the Dead Zone, surviving in the harsh wasteland second-nature to them. Rumors said they were crazy, to a point, and dangerous. But he had never actually met any of them before. Nervously, he stepped towards the small group.

"Thank you." His words drew their attention, and Navi chuckled.

"Just doing our job."

"But-" His protest was cut off by her.

"But, you're welcome." Her cheerful grin had him second-guessing what he had heard about them being cold, crazy, and hardened by the Zone. "Ow, hey..! Careful, Digs!"

"Haha, we can't have you bleeding out on us! What'll happen if we get lost again?"

"I'm sure one of you knows how to use a compass!"

"Yeah, maybe we can give it to Mach again, hehe."

"Hey, I got us there, didn't I?" Joking around, smiling, friendly with one another... definately not what the stories said.

"There ya go, Navi. Now you have an excuse not to climb!"


"All set? Let's get going, then." Their apparent leader spoke up, the three on their feet in a heatbeat.

"Yes sir!" They all answered, saluting in unison and pulling their gear back on. Before she did, Navi glanced at Snippy.

"By the way, what's your name?"

"Charles. Charles Snippy. But my assigned nickname is Ghost."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Navigator!"

"Don't I get your real name?" There was a mischevious smirk from her.

"Maybe if we run across eachother again, 'Ghost'." With that, her gas mask was on, and the unit had left.
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