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ROMAC OC: The Navigator by Zienkyer ROMAC OC: The Navigator by Zienkyer
This is my OC for `alexiuss 's Romantically Apocalyptic OC Contest. Romantically Apocalyptic is an awesome webcomic~ Or else I wouldn't be entering! I forgot her rifle in the art, oh well. It's behind the rock.

This profile is subject to future editing, if more background information is released in the webcomic that may change her history, in between now and the contest's end.

I apologize for the wall of text. It is my firm belief that characters aren't just their appearances, or how they generally act, but their histories as well. This means details.

Picture of me as her with a reference sketch: Here. Yes, I have her outfit, yes, I do have plans to wear it. Especially if I can visit Carty for MCM and RA-related shenanigans. And she is without her mask (with Snippy?), and her Tumblr journal page thing.

TL;DR Version
The Navigator is a laid-back and optimistic person, hopeful she'll find other survivors. Quiet, though tends to laugh at serious matters. Ex-military-turned-taxi-driver due to issues with a superior. Used to explore the Dead Zone with her unit and protect scientists and tourists, virtually living there until her discharge.

Name: Skye Altford

Nicknames: The Navigator, Navi

Age: Mid-late-twenties (?)

Gender: Female (if asked, will neither confirm nor deny)

Gear: Gas mask, leather coat, scarf, gloves, hat, etc. She tends to pick things up and add them to her outfit as other pieces are lost.

Weapons: Rifle, slingshot, hammer.

Miscellaneous Possessions: Compass, pocket knife, notebook, random pens and pencils, trinkets, random assortment of rocks, LRDT (long-range data transceiver).

Likes: Lemonade, music, laughing, the color green, being alive.

Dislikes: Things that think she is food, things she thinks are food but aren't, anything annoying or boring, climbing.

Personality: The Navigator is generally a calm and collected person, laid-back, absent-minded and optimistic. She is constantly losing things, but always knows where she is - and if she doesn't, she adheres to the saying 'you're only lost if you care where you are'. Curiousity only furthers this, as she tends to investigate things for the sake of knowledge, sometimes getting distracted and forgetting about whatever she was doing beforehand. Otherwise, if she's uninterested in anything, she doesn't pay attention to it, and doesn't really apply herself to any task she doesn't care for. This can lead to her seeming careless and lazy to those that haven't seen her otherwise.

Wandering across the wastelands, she's hopeful she'll find other survivors, although she's a bit paranoid that they'll be less friendly. If her gender comes up (gas masks and heavy clothes hide a lot), she will likely let others assume she is a man. Even if she came across others, though, Skye has been quiet so long, she may think about talking, and assume she did, but not actually say anything. This leads to partial sentences, awkward silences, and a blank look when there's no response. She's alwasy been more of a listener, anyways, and will let people ramble to her without interrupting. With friends, she's loyal without hesitation, the one who would answer a phone call at three in the morning and be willing to do a favor.

Back before the end of the world, she was the sort of person that reacted to serious situations by laughing, which tended to get her trouble. But she enjoyed it. Now that the apocalypse happened, that hasn't really changed, she just has less of a chance to, save for encounters with predators. One odd habit she's obtained, is that she'll randomly pick up rocks as she walks - most of the time, she has no idea she's doing it. It led to her searching for a slingshot to practice with, for multiple reasons: to get rid of the excess rocks, to use as a weapon of sorts, and to keep herself from getting bored.

History: Skye was born to a fairly normal family and lead a fairly normal, albeit military-influenced, life. Her parents were in the force, and the children were expected to be. She was enrolled at the minimum age, putting up with physical training while still in school, becoming an active soldier as soon as she graduated. While her older brother quickly rose through the ranks, and her younger sister proved herself as a competent scientist and researcher, Skye seemed 'stuck' as a grunt, despite her intelligence. She was unwilling to apply herself to the job, and had a few brushes with trouble, until a superior's recommended transfer put her in a position she actually enjoyed.

Her squad was one of those sent to investigate the unusual, unseen, and unpredictable - changes in the Dead Zone. They were the ones that went in before and with the scientists, to ensure valuable employees and precious tourists weren't lost by threats they couldn't detect at a distance. Namely, mutated wildlife. The military considered them disposable, but that only led them to better learn how to survive in hostile environments and situations, sometimes spending months there at a time. It was during this time she earned the nickname 'Navigator', showing a knack for knowing exactly where she was, without relying on their equipment. Naturally, the unit grew close, having to trust eachother to make it out alive.

That is why the death of one of them hit everyone hard. The group suspected sabotage by one of the higher-ups after they returned with undesired results, but they had no proof. After the funeral, a still-grieving Navigator got into an argument with their superior, which ended with her laughing in his face. She was sent for a psycological examination, which found nothing wrong other than the understandable depression of losing a close friend. However, she was still discharged from the military, the news simply recieving another bout of laughter from her.

Back in the city, she found herself lost. It was such a vast change between the empty wastelands and the lively cities, that she felt rather out of place. The only job she was able to aquire was that of a taxi driver, where her navigating skills were put to use again. A job was a job, it paid her bills, and for her sleep, but trying to conect to ANNET after her time away felt unnatural and gave her headaches. She missed her old job, and would often travel to see her old friends when they were around. They would sneak her back into the Dead Zone, the only place they could truly seem to relax.

It was during one such trip, when they went on a simple drive away from the cities and chaos to camp like they would as a squad, that everything went to hell. Part of it was planned - they could all tell something was up, that something was about to go horribly wrong. She tried to convince her family, but they brushed it off as paranoia, having shunned her ever since her discharge. As much as it pained her to, Skye accepted the fact that her old unit was her true family. They managed to survive, finding a bunker to take refuge in when they returned and discovered what had happened. However, Skye grew restless and curious, convinced that there were survivors, somewhere.

The others stayed behind, to help survivors and attempt some sort of rebuilding. Navigator began to make her way across the wasteland, seeking out others, but always remembering the way back. She promised she would return, and that's a promise she intends to keep.
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